Get paid for referring the right someone

Referrals can even be a person you don’t know personally.

Introductions to hiring managers earn bonuses too.

Share any of our jobs, or mention a candidate’s name, and Call or Text (937) 431-1277 to make a Referral official.

Referrals do not require introductions; simply provide the name, and ideally their phone number or email address.

Referral Bonuses awarded up to a year after having made a referral; which sweetens your chances!

Sorry, we’re unable to provide Referral Bonuses on known candidate in active consideration.

Payment is sent once Referral is employed beyond a guarantee period, or company enlists services and payment received from client.

When referral is hired, you get paid a Referral Bonus up to $1,000 per management’s discretion based on net earnings.

When success occurs from your referral, it’s a Win, Win, Win!