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Our services include executive search and staffing for permanent hiring.

We also provide payroll hiring with Employer of Record coverage.

Our teamwork approach pulls together talent from the largest network of executive search firms and pinpoints candidates within our confidential databases, and employs contemporary sourcing techniques to serve you in hiring while at the same rate as others.

Customized recruiting is provided with every order.  A senior-level recruiting manager handles your entire order from start to finish full-cycle so there is never a gap on our end in communication.  This also improves quality of candidate referrals by prioritizing where to select and recommend applicants with the precise technical ‘must have’ skills while considerate in analyzing personality traits, soft skills and work culture requirements that best align with your organization.

Pricing is based on the annual employee salary, and always a competitive rate lower than industry standards ranging from 20-30%.  We can beat the competition usually by over $1,000, ask for our Price match guarantee extra savings with hiring for similar positions.

Candidates are sourced not only from our private databases but leveraged from partner search firm databases, through their websites, and for the same rate.  It’s our unique capability that streamlines hiring in multiple industries.

While we know the days of a handshake for doing business, these are days that every hiring order starts with a service agreement proposal, and upon its acceptance, we’re ready to get to work for you!

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