A fee applies only when hiring successful candidate referrals.

It is non-binding service for hiring and has no up-front fee, and you interview only qualified candidate referrals with industry experience.

Upon employment offer acceptance an hourly fee applies according to hours worked weekly, and the length of the plan or Temp-to-Hire to hire employee permanently is a negotiable number of weeks.  A longer number of weeks results in a lower hourly invoice rate, and a service agreement proposal will be furnished upon request that includes pricing.  Our recruiting process starts upon its acceptance.

Invoices are weekly according to when employees and payable in the same week by ACH electronic transfer.

Staffing is popular with active candidates who are not working in a permanent position and more willing to accept a job offer with the inherent risk of a ‘temporary’ job.

Engaged Searches have priority over Staffing, so depending on your timeline and the difficulty level in recruitment this is an important factor to consider in selecting the best hiring method for your needs.

To place a  job order call (937) 431-1277 nationwide, or Select a Date / Time to Discuss Hiring.

See an overview summary of our Hiring process.

Staffing is offered nationwide excluding certain positions with injury risk, and criminal background checks furnished upon request.

All Employer of Record payroll is covered including:
Professional payroll processing management
Quarterly 941 tax filings
Government compliance filing:  W-4, I-9, W-2
Payroll processing with modern check standards
Federal Income Tax Withholdings
State, Local, and School District Income Tax Withholdings
Employer matching taxes
Federal Unemployment (FUTA) tax filings
State Unemployment Insurance (SUTA) tax filings
Social Security and Medicare tax filings
State Disability Insurance (if applicable)
BWC Worker’s Compensation Premiums
Expense Reimbursements
Employee Direct Deposit

Ask about details of benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and 401k benefits that are not included in standard pricing unless requested and is available in all states except Alaska, California, and Hawaii.