It is a contingent hiring commitment; a fee applies only when hiring successful candidate referrals

It is non-binding service for customized recruiting support for finding leading industry candidates locally, regionally or nationwide.

A placement fee applies upon a referral accepting your job offer; the amount is based on the employee’s annual salary, candidate recruiting difficulty, and volume level of hiring orders.

Click here for quick start on How to Place a Job Order, and see other details below:

You determine the employee’s pay range in the recruiting process, and pay rate upon offer of employment.

Contingency search is effective for positions earning over $41,500/year; for a number of reasons.

The recruiting process starts once a client service agreement is accepted.

To discuss your hiring needs, schedule a convenient time to talk, Select A Date/Time.

Contingency Search has no up-front fee; job orders are prioritized after engaged or retained searches.

A placement fee is payable in three installments due on the Start date, and the balance within 60 days.

It is backed with a 100 day prorated guarantee.