It is a hiring method with a fee contingent only upon hiring success of a candidate referral

It is non-binding service with customized recruiting for finding leading industry candidates.  It has no up-front fee.

A placement fee applies upon employment offer acceptance and is based upon the employee’s annual salary.

A service agreement proposal will be furnished upon request, and our recruiting process starts upon its acceptance.

The fee is payable with 60 days of Start Date and may be spread into three installments.  We provide a 100 day prorated guarantee.

You interview only technically qualified candidate referrals with industry experience.

Engaged Searches have priority over Contingent Search, so depending on your timeline and the difficulty level in recruitment this is an important factor to consider in selecting the best hiring method for your needs.

To place a  job order call (937) 431-1277 nationwide, or Select a Date / Time to Discuss Hiring.

See an overview summary of our Hiring process.