Keyword Search Tips help locate targeted jobs

Quick start guide on using Symbols in Keyword search.

The following symbol commands work with searching jobs.

  • Put an asterisk * at the end of a word (without spaces between the symbol or word) to expand job listings to forms of a word (ex:  engineer* will display jobs such as: engineers, engineering, or engineered)Command Symbols to use in Keyword field
  • Put Quotation Marks around words (ex: “software engineer”) to narrow jobs with consecutive words, rather than seeing jobs with the two words (software engineer) anywhere in the job description
  • Put in your desired Functional Codes to narrow job listings (ex:  25-80 or 25-78 or 25-25 )
    • This helps search for targeted job functions rather than exact job titles
  • Using ‘or‘ in the example above broadens results and lists jobs in any of three job classifications
  • Likewise, you can group words or codes using ‘Parentheses’, and add another keyword, for example:  (25-80 or 25-78 or 25-25) and engineer*
    • The above examples captures only jobs in any of the three categories and also containing forms of the word engineer
    • Using ‘and‘ in the example above narrows the job list
  • Put ‘UU’ to locate Remote jobs or ones with flexibility on location
  • Put ‘XX’ to locate International jobs

Enter in Keyword field

Using too many parameters when job searching limits the results of jobs.

Sometimes it can work better to search only in the city for which you’re interested, and scroll down a list.

Jobs at times are listed without the salary, therefore be careful using ‘Salary’ as a search criteria.

It is recommended to “Create Alert” once running a job search.