David Manns, Recruiting Director

We value relationships, and deliver hiring results.

Our solutions come from innovative thinking!

Hiring key employees has been our one focus since 1997.

ACCESS refers only leading talent to companies and also partners in executive recruiting with firms for teamwork and greater sourcing capabilities for one common purpose, hiring success.

Image the job and talent pool resources of a few hundred elite search firms working side by side and completing work deadlines of managing challenging hiring projects for thriving small businesses to the largest established U.S. companies, and you’ll have a better idea of what we’re about.

In 20 years we’ve advanced from office and industrial staffing in Ohio to technical recruiting in positions with average starting salaries between $80,500 – $105,000, and always go the extra mile for our long term clients that are key to us today.

We incorporate new technology daily into serving job seekers and companies at all levels while growing trusted relationships that are unreplaceable by computers and important to impact the lives of people and futures of companies.

Let’s get a conversation started, contact us today.  It’d be great to work together.